How to Choose the Right Sport For Your Child


While the highly recommended approach would be to let your child choose a sport that they love to participate, you might be hearing the words “What Should I Play?” from your child.

Sports and children seem to go together for many families. It is a fact that not all children are that active in sports and go for other activities instead. However, a lot of children would prefer to go with the opportunity of getting involved with the athletic experience instead.

Being a parent, it is a significant act of choosing a sport for your kid. Children have preferences, and you have to be observant about it, too. There are those that are more inclined towards team sports while the others go for individual ones.

The child’s body type also play a role as well since there are certain body types better suited to specific sports than the others. There are also other children that are more interested in low impact sports and those that are more anxious to get into a more physically demanding opportunity.

So how can you, as a parent, be able to help your child pick the best sport that will serve their preferences?

Expose the child to different sports

Your kid’s interest will only be sparked when they see different sports. You will be able to determine this since they will display an attitude that they are interested in it. So exposing the child to different sports by letting them watch it on television is a good start. But it is an even better experience if they see it in real life as a spectator. Communicate with your child about what they don’t like and like about every sport they see.

Watch out for any Signs of Enthusiasm

As you and your child check out different sports, try to see whether you can tell which of the sports that seem to spark an interest in your child. Listen to any hints regarding their preferences. They might be talking about strategies, the players or they might prefer to tell others regarding their experience. They might even gravitate towards their friends that play a certain sport. You must listen and watch closely, and you will be able to pick on clues about the sports that they are interested the most.

Check their preference: individual or team sport?

Some children prefer to engage in a team sport such as basketball, baseball or football, wherein they play a particular role in the team. Others prefer being part of a team wherein their skills matter most. Such sports are golf, tennis or swimming. Or they just want to participate in individual sports such as gymnastics and cycling. Try to find out what your child’s preferences are as you observe them. The results of these observations will reward you greatly as it will tell you the kind of sport that will work best for your child.

Match the sport with the body type

A stocky and short child is more suited to play in football than with basketball. A lanky and tall one may be better for the track. While you will always find shorter kids playing basketball while the smaller ones playing football, the odds of them getting success at a very young age always has something to do with their body style.

Try out multiple sports

When you have narrowed down the sports that your child is likely going to participate, try each of them. It is recommended to avoid your child playing more than one sport in any season, it is preferable to have them play volleyball during winter, football during fall and soccer during spring. As they have started out identifying the sport that they are attuned to, you can drop the other sports on your list as needed.